coolant-thru modular toolholders


meThe George Whalley Company is introducing a complete system of coolant-thru modular toolholders. The CoolMod line is designed for maximum concentricity without giving up rigidity. The system features side locking holders for quick and easy assembly without the use of setup fixtures. The system incorporates V Flange, BT Flange, HSK, NMTB as well as straight and taper shanks. In addition, the CoolMod system includes an exclusive stub shank which provides phenomenal rigidity, less runout and maximum speed & feed capability. Besides holders, other components of the CoolMod system include extensions, reducers, end mill adapters and ER collets. The entire system provides coolant through the spindle or rotary inducers or automatic tool change glands. “Our new CoolMod system is interchangeable with other leading quick-change systems for total flexibility. This system is especially adaptable to today’s popular tool vending equipment,” Howard M. Whalley, Division President.
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