Coolant-Thru Tool Holders


With the increased usage of micro tooling operating at higher speeds in more compact tooling zones, these micro tool holder offerings help solve the need for more efficient machining operations while extending tool life. The coolant through tool holders feature coolant delivery ports surrounding the micro tool for optimum edge cooling and chip evacuation. This addition is compatible with coolant-thru live tooling or popular coolant fed ER nuts for plumbing to high-pressure coolant delivery systems.

GenSwiss will also exhibit the expanded Signature Series tooling line featuring premium coolant-thru tool holding, collet holders, and shanks for CNC Swiss Machines compatible with coolant-thru plumbing and accessories. 


In addition GenSwiss will display he Multidec Whirl line with recent advancements including quick change insert cartridges, offset cutter rings and larger diameter flight circles for increased major thread diameters as well as insert forms for double lead and full form profile machining. A variety of thread whirling attachments available for various Swiss machines makes and models will also be exhibited.


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