Cooling & Humidifying Fogging-Fan


Atomizing Systems Inc., has released a new fan-driven, high-pressure fog device for applying a dry, non-wetting, cool water fog in any work space or, directly on machinery needing cooling or humidity. Even within a room with 8 foot ceilings, no wetting will occur when installed properly. The wall fogger may be mounted almost anywhere and is equipped with a quiet, pressure-sensing fan to add velocity to the fog particles. 

This unit can replace expensive steam or electrically-driven units and only requires our 1/2 horsepower, 1,000psi Cold Fog® pump system to operate up to six (6) fan units. Humidity, time or temperature controls may be added for automatic operation. When fogging stops, water-pressure at the pump is released instantly, check-valves on each nozzle close to prevent dripping. Next, the energy-efficient fan shuts down & the unit is ready to start up again drip free. Each fan outputs approximately 11 pounds/hour with standard nozzles, larger sizes available. 

Power consumption is 1.1 amps (126 watts) at 115 volts, 60 hertz. Also available in 100 and 220 volts AC, 50 & 60 hertz. When multiple fans are employed, manual shut-down of any fan on the system causes the fog pump to automatically slow down while always maintaining the same pressure.


  • dry, non-wetting, cool water fog

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