Cooling Fan


Torrance, CA: Delivering 260 cfm, San Ace 120SG Series cooling fan offers 40% improvement in airflow compared to the model it replaces and a 3-dB advantage in sound level. Its 1.5-mm thick x 120-mm square package is ideal for data storage systems, communication equipment, and more. L10 life expectancy is 40,000 hr at 60°C. Tachometer sensor and lock rotor sensor outputs are optional. Sanyo Denki America, Torrance, CA (310) 783-5400


• Air flow: 8.5 m3/min(300 CFM) • Static Pressure: 480 Pa (1.93 inch H2O) • Power Consumption: 86.4 W • Rated Speed • Inlet: 6,200 min-1 • Outlet: 3,800 min-1 • Sound Pressure Level: 70 dB[A] • Size: 120mm×120mm×76mm • Operating voltage range: 10.8 V ~ 13.2 V Rated Voltage: DC12 V • Life Expectancy: 40,000hours (L10: Survival rate: 90% at 60º C, rated voltage, and continuously run in a free air state) • Mass: Approx. 670 g
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