Cord Grips and Lock Nuts - SAB North America


New “4th generation” EMC Cord Grips are made from Nickel Plated Brass. They have been developed from customer’s exacting demands and accept a wide range of cable diameters. They provide excellent EMC characteristics as well as superior performance under vibrating conditions such as wind turbines. SAB offers the new 4th generation Cable Glands with a special Lock Nut designed to guarantee excellent contact with the electrical enclosures. The product family offers IP68 sealing and they are available in a wide range of sizes in Metric, PG and NPT. 

The features of this range include: 

  • Easy insertion with bi-directional cable entry 
  • Open EMC contact fingers for ease of cable positioning during assembly. 
  • Free radial and axial movement of the cable without any damage to the cable screen.
  • Large contact surfaces of the fingers allow for low contact resistance even on loosely woven cable braids.


  • accept a wide range of cable diameters
  • excellent EMC characteristics
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