Corded Impact Wrench


Weighing in at only 6.6 lb, the SSW 650 ½-in. corded impact wrench produces an impressive 450 ft-lb of continuous torque, making it the best power-to-weight ratios in its class. This well-balanced, high-performance tool has power comparable to the SSW 18 LTX 600 cordless, high-torque impact wrench, but with higher rpm and a faster impact mechanism.  The ½-in. spindle features a detention pin, making this tool particularly well suited for industrial applications.  The SSW 650 features 3.1 amp/650 w of power with a max speed 2,100 rpm and an impact rating of 2,800 ipm.



  • Extremely powerful for demanding screwing applications
  • Low kick-back operation with extremely high torque
  • Vario (V)-electronics for working at customized speeds to suit various application materials
  • Robust die cast aluminum gear housing for optimum heat dissipation and durability
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