Cordless Angle Grinder Comparable to Corded


Due to a brushless motor and high-density 18 v Lithium-ion battery, WPB18 LTX BL 150 Quick 6-in. cordless safety brake angle grinder operates off 1,000 w, equaling ground many corded small angle grinders. It also features an electronic brake system that will stop wheels in 2 seconds or less, as well as an electronic safety clutch system, designed to reduce the risk of grinder kickback if the grinder binds-up. Quick Nut allows a tool-free wheel change for maximum efficiency and productivity on the job.


  • Operate off 1,000 w
  • High-density 18 v Lithium-ion battery increases run time up to 87%*, as well as increases the battery life by as much as 100%* (*compared to industry standard 5.0Ah batteries)
  • Electronic brake system¬†
  • Electronic safety clutch system
  • Tool-free wheel change
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