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FEIN Power Tools, Inc. has introduced a new series of cordless hand-held drill/drivers for use by metal fabricators, building contractors, industrial MRO and assembly operations as well as individuals requiring high-quality tools.  One tool in particular, the new ASCM QX drill/driver is ideally suited for drilling and driving fasteners in steel and extremely hard material in fabricating and industrial applications. The drill/driver is just as well suited for heavy wood applications such as logs for log homes, large beams, decks and studs for home building and renovation applications.             

The new ASCM QX drill/driver is built to perform non-stop under the most rigorous conditions.  Its brushless, dustproof, PowerDrive DC motor and electronics provide extremely long service life with 30% more efficiency than comparable DC motors. Its four-speed, all metal gearbox can be set to 400, 800, 1,950 or 3,850-RPM.  15 torque settings provide adjustable depth stops preventing stripping or breaking screw heads.  For example, when using the 400-RPM speed the unit develops a 796 in/lb torque for driving 3/8″ X 15-3/4″ fully threaded screws in soft wood without pre-drilling or stripping the screw heads. A side handle gives it added stability.              

It comes with two, 18 V, Lithium-Ion batteries and a FEIN rapid charger, which will provide full-day continuous use.  Each battery will operate under full load use for about 30 minutes while the second battery recharges in the same amount of time.  It can make 1,800, 3/16″ X 1-9/16″ screw connections in soft wood on a single charge.  FEIN SafetyCell technology protects the batteries from overload, overheating and deep discharge through a communication link.              A time saving feature of the ASCM QX model is its quick-action interchangeable Rohm chuck and separate bit holder.  The chuck with spindle lock has a 1/16″ – 1/2″ tool capacity with steel jaws for optimal tool holding.  The twist-on, twist-off chuck and bit holder are easily changed out without the use of tools.  It also has variable speed finger control for precision drilling and fastening.  A high-performance LED light is aimed to provide perfect illumination of the work area without any chuck or bit shadows             

The drill/driver weighs 3.75 lb (1.7 kg) with the 18 V battery.  A 14.4 V battery is available reducing the unit weight to 3.25 lb but at a sacrifice of 44 lb torque.  It comes standard in a plastic carrying case with interchangeable chuck and separate bit holder, two batteries, rapid charging unit. 


  • two, 18 V, Lithium-Ion batteries
  • develops a 796 in/lb torque
  • weighs 3.75 lb
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