Corner Wrap Labeling System for Narrow Aisles


ID Technology has designed a printer applicator for production floors with limited space that cannot accommodate a standard Model 250 Corner Wrap System. This modified Model 250 requires less aisle space and is comprised of standard “off-the-shelf” IDT components mounted on a custom face plate. The new design results in a space saving, compact footprint (16” deep by 38” long, measuring along the length of the conveyor). This configuration utilizes IDT Model 250 modules and a pivoting vacuum grid with attached follow along roller. Even with the customized narrow aisle design, operators can easily access the pneumatics, electronics and other components because the entire system, like the standard system, is a truly modular design. All applicator modules can be replaced within moments by removing two or four bolts, installing a new module, and getting back in to production.


Print Engines Choice of Sato, Zebra or Datamax Communications Parallel, RS232, RS422/485, USB, Ethernet Electrical 110 to 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz input power Air Requirements: Clean air at 80psi min. to 120psi dependent upon the application method and rate Product Sensing Photoelectric Label Roll Size 12.5” (OD) x 3” (ID) - Standard 16 1/2” Unpowered Unwind - Optional Label Style Die cut, waste removed, outside wound, with 1/8” minimum gap in the running direction Standard Label Size .25” Minimum Width 7.1” Maximum Width Maximum length is application specific Upgrades and Options Tamp-Jet Upgrade Smart Tamp Swing Arm Tamp Dual-Panel Tamp Corner Wrap Extended Tamp Blow-On Left Hand Configuration Support Stand Status Beacon Low Label Alarm System Status Output
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