Corporation Stops for Chemical Feed Systems


Line of corporation stops is designed to ensure that chemical feed systems inject into the center of a process stream to provide better mixing and to prevent corrosion along the process pipe. They are retractable and have a metal or plastic ball valve to seal the process stream for servicing when the process cannot be drained.


Stops are also available with an optional poppet to minimize calcium build-up that might plug the quill and prevent a water treatment disinfectant or other chemical from being delivered into the system. Its unique design enables the poppet to atomize the flow of chemical into the process stream for improved mixing.


Corporation stops injection quills come:

  • in a variety of plastic (union connections) and metal (male threaded connections) materials of construction.
  • sizes include 1/2, 3/4, and 1 in. with a flat or 45-degree tip configuration
  • equipped with a 316SS locking chain with 1-inch (25mm) increments for securing the quill for use with different pipe diameters and chemical applications
  • Other options include a chemical line drain, custom quill lengths, and redundant quill lock as well as the poppet in PVC or CPVC
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