Corrosion-Resistant Butterfly Valve Hand Wheel & Grip


Speed Handle is an accessory adder to the Plasgear gear-operator for butterfly valves and includes a hand wheel and grip, which is Nylon 6 (black) with a stainless steel 400 chromate-treated M10 bolt and stainless steel M10 hex nut.

The revolving grip permits faster, single handed revolutions of the hand wheel for quicker valve actuation. It weighs 3.03 oz.
They are ideal for landfills, chemical processing and mining.


  • Designed to fit Plasgear operated butterfly valves
  • Butterfly valves sizes 1-1/2 – 16-in.
  • Sold in “Kit” form consisting of Plasgear hand wheel and grip
  • Available in both red and blue for Type-241 and Type-243 Plasgear
  • PPG hand wheel , nylon 6 (black) grip, SS400 chromate treated M10 bolt and SS M10 hex nut
  • Available as a field installable kit or as an accessory adder to a current valve order.
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