Corrosion-Resistant Gearmotors


NORD's breakthrough stainless steel alternative, corrosion-resistant aluminum surface conversion system, NSD TUPH, is available for nearly all NORD product families. In the beverage category alone, global soft drink, orange juice, cranberry drink and regional beer manufacturers have made the switch.


NORD´s molecular conversion of aluminum alloy provides drive equipment with all the protection food and beverage applications demand. The NSD TUPH™ surface conversion consists of an extremely corrosion resistant and strong base layer (seven times harder than standard aluminum alloy) that is sealed for corrosion protection and routine cleaning. This solution is ideal for harsh environments involving chemicals or wash-downs, and where sanitation and cleanliness are the highest priority.


NORD´s NSD TUPH surface conversion system is ideal for many food and beverage industry applications, where drive technology is exposed to extreme ambient conditions and highly corrosive environments. A salt corrosion test illustrates only residual salt remains on NSD TUPH vs. untreated and corroded aluminum torque arms.


Available in five NORD product families (two-stage helical bevel, helical in-line, worm gear boxes, motors, and variable frequency drives) and in various configurations, the NSD TUPH surface conversion system provides all the protection any harsh application demands without compromising quality. With stainless steel hardware, shafts, motors and food grade lubricants as options, NORD offers a comprehensive drive solution for food manufacturing, packaging and processing industries, whether your application is on a conveyor, pump, mixer, elevator or processing equipment.

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