Corrosion Resistant Packaging Offers Flexibility


Innovative packaging materials that are silent but powerful tools to protect metal goods from corrosion are sold under the VpCI brand. These flexible packaging solutions use Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting Technology to safeguard metal components during the vulnerable period of shipment, when extreme humidity changes can put metals at risk for corrosion.


Cortec’s VpCI packaging suite avoids the downsides of many traditional corrosion protection methods through Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor technology. VpCI molecules incorporated into a packaging material work by evaporating into the air and forming a protective molecular layer on all metal surfaces inside an enclosed package. When the component reaches its destination, it can simply be unwrapped and used immediately without additional cleaning or degreasing. This is unlike many traditional methods, such as those in the auto industry, where parts are often dipped in petroleum-based rust preventatives that require cleaning and proper disposal before use of the part. In contrast to these commonly hazardous materials, VpCI packaging typically is fully recyclable, fully repulpable (for most VpCI papers), and non-toxic to use.


The VpCI packaging suite offers the flexibility of many shapes, sizes, and formats to suit specific needs. For those shipping sensitive electronic components, Cortec’s EcoSonic ESD Paper powered by Nano VpCI provides both corrosion and electrostatic discharge protection. When extra moisture protection is the concern, EcoShield VpCI-144 Super Barrier Paper serves as a recyclable alternative to polyethylene and waxed papers.


For automobile manufacturers, one-inch-square (6.45 cm2) VpCI-143 paper emitters provide a convenient way to insert corrosion protection into the tiny corners of automobile components. Protection for musical instrument strings can even be devised by converting standard VpCI-144 paper into small envelopes.


Other flexible packaging options include Cortec’s bestselling VpCI-126 film, convertible into multiple sizes and shapes: from small zip-lock bags for small parts, to large shrouds that fit expensive medical diagnostic equipment. Cortec even offers Eco-Corr Film, a biodegradable corrosion inhibiting film that can be made with ESD properties.


Other VpCI foams, emitters, and desiccant combinations add extra protection to the packaging suite as needed. This variety of packaging options demonstrates Cortec’s attention to meeting specific customer needs. Cortec’s versatile VpCI packaging options are safe and easy to use, cutting down labor and disposal costs and providing effective protection for valuable parts in multiple industries. 

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