Corzan CPVC Solenoid Valves


Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. has announced the addition of Corzan CPVC Solenoid Valves to meet the increasing demand of higher temperatures in corrosive applications. The electrically-actuated valve is normally-closed and features a PTFE bellows seal with no wetted metals or elastomers. This design, combined with the Corzan body, allows for the valve’s compatibility with highly aggressive, corrosive liquids, thereby eliminating contamination in the system. The solenoid coil is rated Nema 4X, and is available AC or DC, in a variety of voltages. Use of Corzan CPVC gives the valve an advantage over PVC in its ability to handle hot corrosive liquids in service temperatures to 180º F. Corzan valves can be joined by solvent cementing, threading, or flanging. Corzan solenoid valves are available direct-acting in ¼” through 1” pipe sizes, and up to 2” in a pilot-operated style. The valves can be factory modified for special applications.


• Coil Specifications • Certifications: NEMA 4X, CSA approved Insulation Class: F Coil Surface Temperature: 185 F (85 C) Max. Allowable Ambient Temperature: 104 F (40 C) VA Inrush: 66 VA Holding: 24 Connector Type: DIN connector is standard AC Voltages: 24/60, 120/60, 240/60, 230/50 DC Voltages: 24 VDC, 12 VDC (12 VDC has certain limitations. Please consult factory) Most coils CSA certified. • Pressure & Liquid Specifications • Maximum Inlet**: 140 PSI/9.7 Bar @ 75F/24C Maximum Inlet: 40 PSI/2.8 Bar @ 140F/60C Minimum Inlet: 5 PSI/0.4 Bar Maximum Outlet: 70 PSI/4.8 Bar @ 75F/24C Minimum Differential: 5 PSI/0.4 Bar **This rating is for PVC. Consult factory for other materials. Note about Particulate: Liquid media should be filtered with 80 mesh (.007) filter or finer. • Flow Capacity vs. Pipe Size • Pipe Size.....Cv 1/2".............5.2 3/4".............7.6 1"................9.5 1-1/2"........28.0 2"..............35.0 3"..............80.0
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