Cost-Effective 3-D Printer


The new Q1000 Industrial 3D Printer focuses on delivering the most performance and cost-effective 3D printing solution with its intuitive graphic user interface via touch screen, large build volume, heated enclosure and dual extruders.

Encompassing a build volume of 350 x 350 x 350 and the finest layer resolution of 0.1mm, the Q1000 delivers advanced automated capabilities including high throughput, accuracy, reliability and repeatability all within a compact package.


  • On-Board PC
    • Prepare to print and manage your printer without needing a separate computer 
    • On-board storage means you can save frequently printed jobs for later use
  • Print Queue Management
    • Printer can store multiple print jobs from multiple users
    • Printer will notify users when their job is finished
  • Model Setup
    • Easy-to-use software for preparing your model for printing
    • Automatically places model and creates support structures
  • On-Board Camera
    • Sends photo updates on build progress
    • Live video streaming during build process
  • Large Filament
    • 2kg cartridges means less running out of filament
  • Easy to change cartridges
    • Variety of materials and rainbow of colors (including clear)
    • System senses which cartridges are installed and automatically adjusts print settings as needed


  • Build Volume: 350 x 350 x 350 mm
  • Layer Resolution: 0.1mm

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