Cost Effective Line of Hydraulic Hose Protection


Cofair Products, Inc. introduces the Tite Seal Hydraulic Hose Protector. The new design offers something the market has been missing, a self-adhering, abrasion resistant wrap. The new product protects all size hoses eliminating the need for stocking multiple size hose protectors. Also because it’s a self-adhering material, it can protect isolated sections of a hose, unlike traditional protectors that require covering the entire hose. The hydraulic hose protector is composed of neoprene that can stand up to oils, gasoline and solvents. The neoprene composition also allows the ability to bend and flex. The hydraulic hose protector is truly a product for all seasons. It can withstand temperatures ranges from –20 degrees F to 200 degrees F. Equipment operators know and understand the problems of hose failure. Loss of power is a loss of money. The new hose protector is easy to use and can be applied to any size hose in little time. The hydraulic hose protector can be actually applied while in the field avoiding downtime. Tite Seal Hydraulic Hose Protector is available in 12- and 50-foot rolls in retail packaging, and 300-foot bulk rolls.


• Tough abrasion resistant self-adhering neoprene wrap • Protects against cuts and abrasions • Can be easily applied to hoses of varying diameters, even after hose is installed on equipment • Covers and protects wear areas • Chemical resistant neoprene resists oil, gasoline, and solvents • Flexible self-adhering wrap material allows hoses to flex and bend • Wrap can also be used to bundle hoses and cables • Performance temperature range -20°F to 200°F
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