Cosy+ Wireless Industrial Remote Access Gateway


Bringing IIoT connectivity and cybersecurity to the next level, the Cosy+ Wireless finalizes the release of the new generation of Ewon industrial remote access gateways. This version allows users to connect to their machines via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular link depending on the industrial situation, enabling effective and sustainable support of machines by using secure remote access.


Featuring built-in hardware security, the Cosy+ range allows users to access PLC-based machines securely from anywhere and do commissioning, troubleshooting, and programming online. The remote access to Ewon Cosy+ gateways is done over Talk2M – the world’s largest 3rd party industrial cloud service. The demand is driven by the need to increase productivity as well as maintain secure and sustainable operations.


Developed and managed according to ISO27001, the range includes several layers of security and comprises unique built-in hardware security features.


  • Easy setup
  • Suitable for any situation
  • High level of security
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