Counterbalance Stacker


The Crown SHC 5500 Series counterbalance stacker offers customers flexibility and durability for safe, efficient handling of loads weighing up to 4,000 lb.


Featuring power steering and reduced head length, the stacker is designed to easily maneuver and position heavy loads in tight congested spaces on the dock, in the rack or on the warehouse floor. The design of the heavy-duty counterbalance stacker eliminates the need for outriggers and adds the ability to handle block stacking and loads that exceed the width of the truck. Electronic power steering minimizes steering effort and reduces fatigue, while the brake override feature facilitates operation with the handle in a nearly vertical position. The exclusive X10 handle places all control buttons in the optimum position for ease of operation with either hand and to minimize hand and wrist movement. 


The Crown SHC 5500 incorporates the latest generation Crown-built AC drive system enhanced with Crown’s Access 1 2 3® technology provides optimum performance and control. The customer can configure the truck so that the display interface allows operators to choose from three performance settings that can be programmed to customize performance for specific applications or operator requirements. Up to 25 secure PIN codes can be assigned to individual operators and matched to one of the pre-programmed performance profiles.

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