Counterbalance Valve Offer 30% Increase in Energy Savings


LoadAdaptive counterbalance valves, which offer an average energy savings of 30% over standard counterbalance valves, are multi pilot-ratio valves that provide improved stability and highly efficient operation. By adapting to operating conditions, providing high pilot ratios for efficiency when possible and low pilot ratio and low flow gain for stability when required, this new family offers the best solution for many load-holding applications.

Using the three different pilot ratios across the operating range creates the performance you need, delivering the highest possible pilot ratio and flow gain while maintaining stability. These counterbalance valve can replace a standard CB series counterbalance valve wherever energy savings are important.


  • 4000-psi setting, pilot pressure required to take the effective setting to 0 psi is re-duced from 1500 to 900 psi
  • CECA - a 15-gpm standard-capacity valve with a 3:1 pilot ratio
  • CEBC - a 10-gpm semi-restrictive valve with a 3:1 pilot ratio
  • CEBA - a 5-gpm restrictive valve with a 3:1 pilot ratio
  • Run actuators faster under no-load conditions
  • Increase battery life
  • Reduce heat generation
  • Use smaller prime movers in your system
  • *Chameleon not included

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