Couplings Handle Axial, Angular And Parallel Shaft Misalignments


New Schmidt 5D Couplings from Zero-Max are the ideal coupling choice for applications requiring large axial, angular and parallel shaft misalignments. This “all-in-one” coupling design will handle all shaft displacements providing low backlash for precision high torque applications such as roll forming and similar heavy duty fabricating equipment. Designed to fill an important need in the Zero-Max family of torque-rigid couplings, 5D couplings allow for easy adjustment to any possible misaligned shaft position without imposing heavy side loads on shafts, bearings or other machine equipment. The coupling can accommodate up to 5 degrees of angular misalignment and as high as 1.5” parallel misalignment while maintaining undisturbed power transmission at constant angular velocity. Acting forces within the coupling can be precisely calculated, assuring reliable, trouble-free system operation, especially important in heavy-duty applications. This unique design will tolerate high shock and reversing loads with minimal or no maintenance required.
     Additional features include: space-saving design and easy installation -- couplings can be mounted to shaft hubs or directly to existing machine flanges (no need to reposition either shaft being coupled). Available in standard and inverted hub configurations in bore sizes from 1.500 inch to 6.375 inches or 38mm to 160mm. Custom designs can take this coupling design beyond the catalog specifications. The ten different model sizes handle speeds up to 1000 RPM and torque from 2800 to 500,000 in-lbs. Special design modifications are available.
    “The 5D coupling has very robust design features for use in applications such as roll drive systems used in converting machinery. The unique and highly flexible design allows for a wide range of movement to improve the quality of the end product.” reports Robert Mainz, Zero-Max sales manager. “They do a very good job of handling shaft misalignments and protecting drive train components in these high performance systems.”

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