COVID Navigator Mobile App


The COVID Navigator mobile app enables employers to digitally identify and track which employees are vaccinated. Employees simply use their mobile device to show a “Vaccinated” badge when arriving at work. Once inputted, a report is sent to the employer to show an individual’s vaccination status.


First released in December 2020, the COVID Navigator is integrated with a case management solution to enable companies to fully support their employees, regardless of their vaccination status. As with all of MediKeeper’s technology, the app is both HIPAA compliant and HiTrust certified in order to protect privacy and security. COVID Navigator is available for companies to access today from the Apple Store or Google Play.


The COVID Navigator app gives employers all of the documentation and reporting tools needed to comply with the latest COVID-19 regulations and best practices. If a company is audited at a later date, the COVID Navigator application data will provide valuable insight into the organization’s risk mitigation efforts.


  • Screening questionnaire to determine if you are At Risk for COVID-19
  • Quick & easy user flow to submit vaccination status with or without the requirement for validation
  • Risk questions as per latest CDC guidelines
  • Recommends local testing centers
  • Algorithm determines risk for COVID-19
  • Ability to log and update symptoms on your own without requiring a physician
  • Helpful Tips & Resources on COVID-19 + how to protect you, your family, and your community
  • Fully integrated COVID-19 assessment and Case Management Solution
  • Managing the process of vaccination status, daily recordings, symptomatic employees, and who is at home is easy with the tracker’s administrative portal, included in the platform
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Employers are notified when an employee is not cleared or enters vaccine information, reducing the administrative burden of reporting and follow-up
  • Geolocation verification of quarantine location
  • Integrates with care management team to provide follow-up support to employees who are symptomatic or asked to stay home
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