Crescent® BRAND Pro Series Solid Joint Pliers


Cooper Hand Tools, a division of Cooper Industries, Ltd., recently announced the introduction of its new Crescent® brand line of Pro Series solid joint pliers and cutters. Forged from special alloy steel with joints machined to extremely stringent tolerances, Pro Series solid joint pliers are made for the high demands of professional tool users. Cutting edges are laser-hardened for extremely long life and all feature polished heads that will stay looking new for the life of the tool. Wide, co-molded grips feature firmer material in areas where control is critical and softer material at pressure points for added comfort. Crescent® brand Pro Series solid joint pliers and cutters are available in multiple sizes and all popular configurations. Many models offer additional features, such as the 9-inch lineman’s pliers (Model 20509CMG), which includes an integral crimper and fish tape puller. Cooper Hand Tools is celebrating the 100 year anniversary of both the Crescent® brand and its flagship product, the Crescent® brand adjustable wrench. One of the most successful hand tools ever invented, the Crescent® brand adjustable wrench has become a staple in the toolboxes of tradesmen and homeowners worldwide.
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