WinWare Inc. announces the addition of the CribMaster Portable Asset Dispensing Device (PADD) utilizing highly accurate weight-sensing technology and CribMaster inventory software to manage consumables, PPE, MRO inventory, tools, and any other indirect material.
“The PADD is the latest of our secured point-of-use devices using the weight-sensing technology that delivers inventory control, maximizes productivity, and yields operational efficiencies,” states Larry Harper, WinWare president, “our goal was to create an industrial grade, portable dispensing device that allows for easy user access while the system accurately
tracks and manages inventory.” Driven by CribMaster software, the leading inventory management application for indirect materials in manufacturing and productive environments, the PADD adds yet another inventory management option to an already extensive line of solutions. Harper adds, “Our goal is to have the right inventory management
solution for any indirect material, no matter the process or business culture. The CribMaster PADD adds some impressive benefits and well thought out features that make it a very desirable inventory management solution. The CribMaster PADD comes in various models including indoor and outdoor models. There are three standard size store room containers with footage length of eight, ten or twenty feet. Custom bin configurations are available upon
request. This is a great device for managing consumables, PPE, MRO inventory, tools and other indirect material. Employee productivity is maximized by strategically placing the PADD in close proximity to the work area which reduces trip and wait time that occurs from travelling to and from a centralized store room. Additionally, inventory loss is reduced
as the system tracks inventory usage by employee transaction enabling management to monitor activity. Stock-outs are eliminated with the automated replenishment system that maintains accurate inventory levels by monitoring user defined re-order points by item type.
The CribMaster software that drives the PADD provides all the functionality needed to manage any type of indirect material. From tooling, spare parts inventory, PPE, MRO, etc., CribMaster is a robust and flexible inventory management application that was built by supporting the processes associated with this type of inventory. CribMaster currently has over
2400 customers in 13 countries and is the clear leader in providing technology to assist customers in reducing usage, tracking inventory movement and processes and developing more effective replenishment.
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