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Crown Equipment Corporation  announced today that it has added a narrower chassis truck to its Crown RM 6000 Series of narrow aisle reach trucks with the MonoLift™ mast. The new model has a 42-inch wide chassis and can reach 400 inches while delivering up to 1,000 pounds more capacity at full height. The RM Series is designed with a patent-pending boxed-in cross section mast to reduce twisting and flexing associated with dual, upright, conventional masts. Similar to the larger S Class RM forklift  that was released in January, visibility is a key feature on the Crown RM 6000 model. The MonoLift™ mast <>  is offset seven inches to the left of the operator, allowing maximum visibility at height, eye and ground levels.
In addition to increasing visibility, the Crown MonoLift™ mast also reduces cylinder damage when working in tunnels, conveyors and drive-in rack applications. The RM 6000 mast design uses one fewer cylinder than conventional mast trucks and protects the cylinders by locating them near the center of the truck. This minimizes contact with racking by more than 50 percent.
“Narrow aisle applications may be cluttered, which makes it difficult for operators to productively and efficiently maneuver in and out of the space,” said Maria Schwieterman, product manager, Crown Equipment. “Not only does the design of the narrow width Crown RM 6000 provide a clear window of visibility for the operator, but it also strategically places mast components to help avoid damage and repair expenses.”
The Crown RM 6000 Series also offers Vision System options to help operators increase precision and productivity at height. The Vision System includes the Laser Fork Guide option and a camera option. The Laser Fork Guide mounts on the fork carriage projecting a red laser line at the fork level, allowing operators to easily guide the forks into the pallet. For an elevated view of the pallet location, Crown’s camera with color monitor aids operators with pallet placement and rack identification at height.
The RM 6000 Series features a reach sense technology that provides a soft start and stop when using the pantograph reach mechanism, standard AC motors, regenerative brakes and lowering system, and electronic steering.
Controllability is enhanced with the Crown OnTrac® Anti-Slip Traction Control System, which is designed to assist the truck from slipping on wet, dusty or sealed floors. By reducing tire spin during acceleration and preventing wheel lock-up during braking, the system reduces slipping and sliding. This decreases tire wear, increases efficiency, helps reduce the risk of accidents and product damage, and improves operator confidence in slick conditions such as refrigerated or freezer applications.
The Crown RM 6000 is also the latest forklift to be qualified as part of Crown’s fuel cell qualification program  for its line of electric forklifts. The fuel cell-powered Crown RM 6000 features fuel cell controls and gauges integrated into the truck dashboard and offers programmable performance settings and advanced diagnostics for the fuel cell power unit. The Crown Access 1 2 3® System Control  is connected directly to the fuel cell power unit to increase safety, efficiency and productivity.
The fuel cell hydrogen level indicator allows parameters to be set for a low fuel warning. Operators receive an alert when the fuel cell hydrogen pressure reaches a level that was pre-determined based on the size of the facility and distance to the facility’s hydrogen refueling stations. The Access 1 2 3 display screen on the dashboard of the truck calls attention to detailed information about fuel cell performance and allows authorized users to adjust performance settings. Technicians can use the dashboard display to view fault codes, including the last event code, for the purpose of maintenance and troubleshooting. A refueling mode uses a bar graph to show the status of refueling.


  • can reach 400 inches
  • up to 1,000 pounds more capacity at full height
  • boxed-in cross section mast
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