CS 2000 Water Recycling and Slurry Containment Vacuum


Water Recycling System for Power Tools, Flood Reclamation, Pond/Pool Cleaning and Wet/Dry Vacuuming

Slurry and debris contained in filter bag – clean water passes into the tank for recycling

The CS 2000 water recycling vacuum is ideal for contractors who use diamond core drills, masonry saws, grinders and other wet-working tools. An integrated sump pump delivers water from the tank to the tool, then the vacuum suction brings the water back to the tank and into a porous filter bag. Slurry and debris are captured and the clean water flows back into the tank for delivery back to the tool. This system saves time and allows safe, easy disposal of the slurry.

The CS 2000 is 4 Tools in 1:

•Portable water supply for power tools – saves time with fewer interruptions for refilling water tanks. Keeps work site clean and traps slurry for easy waste disposal.
•Flood vacuum cleaner – picks up large volumes of water in a short time from flooded areas, including basements, and pumps it out of the location. Also ideal for draining water from pipes.
•Pond and pool cleaning – efficiently vacuums particles up to 3/8' dia., including algae, mud and foliage. The material is captured in the porous filter bag. The clear water can be pumped back into the pond/pool.
•Universal wet/dry vacuum cleaner


17 Amp, 115 VAC/60Hz, 1-phase
(includes 11 Amp Vac motor and 6 Amp sump pump)
Water Capacity
7 gallons
Pump Output
78 GPM at ground level
10.5 GPM at 10 ft. discharge height
Water Lift
18 ft. max. discharge height
Water Pressure
14.5 PSI (pump delivery)
Air Flow
150 CFM
Canister Volume
13 gallons
CanisterStainless steel tank with cart
Dimensions20.5"W x 21.6" L x 39.5" H
Weight59 lbs.
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