CS Unitec Offers Wide Selection of Powerful Drive Units for Industrial OEM Applications


Several types of Industrial Drive Units and Drill Motors are available from CS Unitec. These high-torque, variable-speed Electric Motors have one, two or four gears for optimum speed selection. Selected models have reversible motors and electronic torque control. A safety slip clutch is included to protect the operator and the tool. Custom designed motors can be furnished upon request for special OEM driving applications.


The electric drill motors and drives are available in 120 Volt, 60Hz or 230 Volt, 50 Hz, single phase. Power from 6 Amp/800 Watt to 18 Amp/2400 Watt is available.


The standard spindle arbor size is Morse Taper 3. Optional 1/2' or 3/4' square drive adapters, with a Morse Taper 3 shank, allow motor compatibility for various driving applications. The square drive permits drive sockets to be mounted in the adapter when required.


OEM driving applications include mills, spindle, pipe beveling and bar boring. They are also ideal for tube rolling, tube expanding, drill and tapping, as well as valve turning and bridge reaming.


To find out more about these Industrial Drive Units, please contact CS Unitec by phone at (800) 700-5919, by fax at (203) 853-9921 or by email at info@csunitec.com. Or, visit the company's Web site at www.csunitec.com to view the complete CS Unitec industrial tool line.

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