CSB4000CL-10A Machine Vision Camera Delivers Four-Megapixel Resolution & Up To 83 Frames Per Second


The innovative CSB4000CL-10A progressive scan camera from Toshiba Teli America, Inc. extends the scope of CMOS sensor capabilities with its ultra-high resolution, Camera Link® output, full-frame global shutter, and WOI (window of interest) functionality, making it ideal for demanding machine vision, factory automation, microscopy and quality control.

Built around a four-megapixel CMOS monochrome sensor (2008H x 2044V) with a 12.048mm x 12.282mm image area and 6.0µm x 6.0µm pixels, the camera yields standard frame rates of 7.4 frame/second. This is significantly increased with the selection of up to 16 arbitrary rectangular Windows of Interest (WOI), optimizing performance by defining a region of interest of any size within the field of view. This functionality maximizes frame rate up to 83 fps while minimizing the bulk of data transferred across the bus. In addition, the cameras offer subsampling of a WOI to allow faster frame rates at a lower resolution. For example, by omitting every odd pixel and/or line, the frame rate is quadrupled while field of view is maintained.

In addition to random trigger shutter, the CSB4000CL-10A offers a global (synchronous) electronic shutter control that exposes all pixels simultaneously for frame-on-demand acquisition. Other features include multi-scope contrast enhancement, high dynamic range, >50dB signal/noise ratio, and C-Mount lens mount. Cameras ship with data cable, tripod mounting kit and IR cut filter.

The CSB4000CL-10A is compatible with virtually all frame grabbers, connectors, data formats and control signals based on the Camera Link standard. Ideal for space-sensitive applications, it measures a mere 54mm (W) x 43mm (H) x 59mm (D), and weighs just 160g.
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