Cube20 Offers Modular Expandability for Cabinet Control Wiring


Murrelektronik's Cube20 Profibus Module is a fieldbus I/O station with modular expandability for modern control cabinet wiring. Slim and compact, the module provides high channel density, enabling 488 I/Os to be placed on just 90 centimeters of DIN rail.
Murrelektronik equipped the Cube20 with a continuous, convenient diagnostic system that reduces downtime and increases productivity. The module features a signal status and error display located directly at the connecting terminal, rapid failure localization and single channel diagnostics at outputs. The Cube20 modules are also galvanically separated and have an integrated power-supply terminal to simplify the implementation of different potential groups. The power-monitored actuator supply provides special benefits during startup and helps localize peripheral faults.
Suitable for universal applications, the Cube20 can be operated as a stand-alone unit at the fieldbus or in combination with Murrelektronik's Cube67, allowing more economic use of existing resources. Different bus nodes are available for connection to higher-level systems, making it possible to exchange buses without changing the system. This provides a great advantage for designers, as customer-specific requirements can be realized quickly and effectively.
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