Cube67+ Increases Installation Flexibility


Murrelektronik Cube67+ bus node increases flexibility for decentralized field bus technologies by allowing users to connect 10 modules to one line at any position of the hybrid line. The innovative bus node allows for easy extension and features more modules, longer cables and enhanced performance over the Murrelektronik Cube67. With Cube67+, Murrelektronik customers receive additional advantages over the cost-effective Cube67 model. With the ability to use two branch lines that each contain 10 modules, it is possible to achieve more signals on a single branch than before. Cube67+ can also create installations over longer distances with cable lengths up to 30 meters, which is ideal for use in C-track applications. Additionally, engineers can connect the modules at any position along the system cable for added flexibility.

Murrelektronik designed the Cube67+ bus node to connect with additional modules with extended functionalities for I/O link or RS232. The innovative design also allows users to considerably reduce the number of bus nodes in comprehensive installations for significant cost savings.

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