Cushion Trax® Ultra™ ¾” Anti-Fatigue Mat


All anti-fatigue matting applications are not created equal. It is this fact that led to the development of the new Cushion Trax® Ultra™ ¾” thick anti-fatigue mat from Superior Manufacturing Group. This latest addition to the NoTrax® family completes the Cushion Trax® line of anti-fatigue mats which already included the 9/16” thick Cushion Trax®, and the full 1” thick Saddle Trax™. “I think that often times it’s assumed that all anti-fatigue applications are relatively the same. The only question that is generally asked is whether it’s a wet or dry application, but there’s much more to it than that. For instance, does the worker stand in one spot or move around? Is it a work-station environment or an assembly line? Is it a single or multi-shift application? Even the size of the worker will have a direct impact on the anti-fatigue requirements”, states Todd Borchardt, Director of Sales & Marketing for Superior Manufacturing Group. “With the addition of the ¾” Cushion Trax® Ultra™, we can now offer a more complete lineup of laminate anti fatigue floor mats, and let the user choose the level of
comfort that best suits their application ”, adds Borchardt. Like all of the Cushion Trax® products, the ¾” Ultra combines a durable vinyl top surface with a PVC foam base using the
NoTrax® exclusive UniFusion™ bonding process, eliminating any possibility of de-lamination. RedStop™ non-slip backing foam is used to eliminate the slipping and sliding of NoTrax® floor mats on all types of smooth floor surfaces. The diamond-plate design provides non-directional traction, and is easy to clean, while sloped beveled edges on all four undersides reduce trip hazards and allows for easy access onto and off of the mat. All NoTrax® laminated anti-fatigue floor mats are manufactured here in the USA at an ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified
facility and contain no silicone, ozone depleting substances, or heavy metals. The vinyl top surfaces are made from 100% recycled PVC making them a more environmentally friendly manufactured product.
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