Custom Configured Elevating Worker Platforms


For assembly or maintenance of large, tall, and/or oddly shaped structures, Southworth offers Custom Configured Elevating Worker Platforms. Typically built on one or more scissor lift bases, these machines provide workers a safe, stable platform that can be positioned at heights of just a few inches to several feet for best access to the workpiece. They are also well suited for picking items from the multiple levels of a horizontal carousel. As workers need to access different levels on a workpiece or carousel, they can easily adjust the height of the platform via a simple pushbutton control.


Platform decks can be configured to a size that allows a worker to move comfortably from one end of a workpiece to the other and carry all the tools and equipment necessary to perform the required tasks. Platforms can also be built in in L or U-shaped configurations to access multiple sides of a workpiece. Units can be stationary or traversing. Capacities up to 20,000 lb (9,071.8 kg) are common with higher capacities available.


Lifts can be furnished with:

  • Custom controls
  • Soft start/stop
  • Indexed lifting and lowering
  • Slide-out sections that increase platform size when necessary
  • Fold-down safety gates and handrails
  • Custom deck treatments (non-skid, anti-static, etc.)
  • Electrical and air stations for power tools
  • Bellows skirting that keeps dust, debris, and moisture out of the lift mechanism
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