Custom High Torque Gear Motors


Applimotion introduces custom gear motors for your high torque low speed and low profile applications. The assemblies combine precision gearing and direct drive frameless motor kits to form a new high torque alternative to coupling a servo motor to a traditional gear box. Applimotion combines its ULT, UTH, and UTS low profile frameless motors with the right gearing solution for your project. Combining direct drive motor technology with the appropriate gearing solution may be the best alternative for smoothness, low speed, high torque and low profile package. 

These assemblies include precision bearings and high resolution encoders, and the can run with any traditional servo controller meeting your power and communications needs.   Applimotion can create custom gear motor assemblies ranging in size from 25mm to 800 mm diameter. For example; a 150 mm diameter 150 mm unit can produce 50 NM of continuous torque and up to 150 NM peak torque.  A traditional servo motor this size would only produce about 5 NM of continuous torque, and if you couple it to a gear box, it would add 2X to the overall length. 


  • low profile package
  • high torque
  • low speed

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