Custom Linerless Label Guide Rollers Improve System Design


Custom Linerless Label Guide Rollers used in automated labeling, printing systems, packaging systems, and hand-held printing systems are available custom molded in a wide range of configurations, sizes and quantities from Hiawatha Rubber.

These Linerless Label Guide Rollers have crepe configured surfaces with a special coating over the molded silicone polymer. This roller surface finish allows use of continuous label strips in automated printers and various packaging systems without liner backing, saving material, allowing more labels per roll while simplifying system design. As a result, systems print, cut and affix labels faster while eliminating system jams and downtime.

To achieve the right custom Linerless Label Guide roller design, Hiawatha Rubber engineers, chemists and technicians develop a solution that best meets the required design criteria. This includes selecting the right silicone blend and roller coating, then developing the correct molding and bonding process, followed by accurate grinding of the roller to correct dimensional and surface finish for highest level performance. Hiawatha’s in-house grinding department specializes in achieving custom finishes and special crowning for specific feeding characteristics and longer-wearing rollers.

Hiawatha Rubber offers material formulation chemistry, CAD design tooling, injection transfer molding, CNC grinding and CNC machining. Manufacturing these rollers can include value added services such as bearing assembly, plastic or metal gears, drilling and tapping components, precision journal grinding, plastic-to-rubber bonding, metal-to-rubber bonding and segmented roller assembly.
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