Customized Capacitive Switch and Sensing Products


Molex announces the availability of capacitive switch and proximity sensing solutions in its next generation of user interfaces. The new solutions use CapSense™ technology based on Cypress Semiconductor Corp.’s PSoC® chip architecture. Molex’s capacitive sensing technology is ideal for next generation appliances, medical equipment, fitness equipment, gaming and vending machines, commercial, automotive, point-of-sale terminals, home automation and security as well as ruggedized industrial applications. “With the introduction of capacitive sensing technology in popular consumer and high end appliance products, we have seen a growing demand for the technology from our OEM customers.” said Justin Spitzer, business development manager, Molex. “Our switch engineering teams have worked to develop our capacitive switch products, and we are leveraging our global manufacturing resources to provide complete design assistance and finished assemblies for customers here in the US and overseas.” A single CapSense capacitive assembly can replace dozens of mechanical switches and controls with an elegant touch-sensitive interface, and the solution supports touch screens and proximity sensing for superior product differentiation. They can also be more reliable than their mechanical counterparts because of resistance to environmental wear-and-tear from temperature change and moisture. Spitzer added, “Our capacitive designs can now be customized with discrete switch buttons, rotary and linear sliders and track pads. Molex is able to provide several circuit substrate options including rigid FR4, flexible polyimide and flexible polyester for multidimensional designs. Unique backlighting and varied cosmetic options are also available.”
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