Cut, Chisel, and Scrape


ProPneumatic Five Piece Cut, Chisel, & Scrape Set, part No. 32023, includes both a 1-1/8 and 2-in. scraper, spot weld breaker, rivet and bolt cutter, and 5/8-in. cold chisel. Designed with sharp edges, the tools are ideal for cutting bolts, breaking welds, scraping off under coating, cutting heads off of bolts or rivets, and/or removing stuck or stubborn gaskets.


Made of shock-resistant alloy steel that is fully hardened and tempered, all of the tools in the new set feature a standard .401 Turn Type Parker Shank, are made in the USA, and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Their black oxide finish prevents corrosion promoting long-lasting durability. For convenience and accessibility, the tools are packaged in a self-contained, reusable storage tray that fits most tool boxes.


5 PC Cut, Chisel, & Scrape Set, Part No. 32023 includes:

  1. Part No. 31960 Spot Weld Breaker
  2. Part No. 31976 1-1/8” Scraper
  3. Part No. 31975 Rivet & Bolt Cutter
  4. Part No. 31970 2” Scraper
  5. Part No. 31972 5/8” Cold Chisel
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