Cutting and Grinding Fluids Catalog


Walter USA, LLC offers a new 28-page product catalog presenting its Walter Valenite ValCOOL® lineup of cutting and grinding fluids, cleaners, specialty fluids, additives and accessories.  The catalog describes features and benefits of the semi-synthetics, synthetics, soluble oils, cutting oils, cleaners and explains how the coolants, complementing Walter’s tooling and application expertise, establish a synergistic system to maximize productivity in various applications and industries. 

Each section of the catalog is color coded by product group to guide readers to specific options and needs, and charts within each category offer product descriptions, performance characteristics, and operational advantages.   

The literature distinguishes specialty products for tapping and corrosion inhibitors, additives that control foaming, bactericides, fungicides, a pH adjuster, and to enhance lubricity—with concise use instructions. The catalog includes a table for resolving coolant/machining problems, a guide for fluid maintenance, packaging options, and a glossary of coolant terms as they relate to machining operations.

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