Cutting Tools Boost Machining Speeds


Jabro is the industry’s first cutting tool product line specifically designed for machining medical knee implants. The Jabro medical range of solid-carbide cutters are ideal for high-speed machining and other aggressive milling strategies that can shorten knee implant cycle times by as much as 50%.


The tools’ continuous grades and optimized coatings result in exceptional part surfaces that reduce, and often eliminate, the need for polishing or fine finishing operations. These features also promote excellent process stability and long tool life.


The Jabro medical range includes nine advanced geometries and 39 tools, most of which are part of the Jabro Tornado high-speed cutting family. Each geometry is designed for applications in the machining of tibial tray and femoral knee implant components. Additionally, because these new dedicated tools excel in the machining of CoCr (cobalt-chrome) and 3-D printed Ti6Al4V ISO-S12 parts, they maximize machine performance for other medical implant components as well, including parts used in hip replacements and bone plates.

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