Cyber Security Comes to Serial Communications


Company has extended cyber security to serial communications with a new SIOS.5 Serial I/O module for its Bedrock Open Secure Automation (OSA) control system.


The SIOS.5 has five channels, each supported by an independent cyber secure 32-bit ARM processor.  Each channel is software-defined for RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422 communications, extending the range of industrial edge devices that can be secured by users of the Bedrock OSA. 


Combined with other software-defined I/O modules, Bedrock OSA is the only system that delivers analog, discrete, digital, pulse, Ethernet and Serial data as intrinsically secure I/O.



Extending cyber security to serial communications results in improved reliability on a wide range of applications:

  • RS-232 support enables secure communication with modems, gateways, printers, barcode readers, programmable devices and PC peripherals
  • RS-422 support with a single bus master for process automation (chemicals, brewing, paper mills), factory automation (autos, metal fabrication), HVAC, security, motor control, and motion control
  • RS-485 support for multi master bus/drivers
  • Mainstream protocols such as Modbus and ProfiBusDP

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Anonymous, Engineering, R&D, Design & Technical Management
Superior and innovative concept in Engineering and design in addressing and solving IIOT Technology security fear in a new and different holistic perspective.
Anonymous, Engineering, R&D, Design & Technical Management
A good step up from the standard devices still on the market. However article doesn't mention mounting options and certifications.