Misumi USA now offers a newly designed family of Cylinders with Twin Guides. The Twin Guides design incorporates two strong guide rods along with the cylinder, resulting in improved rigidity, greater resistance to lateral load, and increased unrotative and positioning accuracy as compared with thin type cylinders.

For the guide rod bearings, users can specify either a sliding bearing or linear bushing bearings.  These enhanced products also offer three ways of mounting to the cylinder body – from the front, back or bottom face – offering users easy installation and optimum versatility.

Misumi’s newly designed family of Cylinders with Twin Guides  are available in the following two versions:
Fixed Stroke – MGCLF (sliding bearing) and MGCLB (linear bushing bearings)
Spacer Fitted – MGCLFN (sliding bearing) MGCLBN (linear bushing bearings) 
All of the double acting air cylinders are ruggedly constructed of high quality steel components designed to deliver reliable performance and long service life. The Cylinders with Twin Guides come in tube inner diameter sizes ranging from 12 to 50 mm and offer piston speeds ranging from 50 to 500 mm/s.  Misumi also offers several types of Non-Contact LED Cylinder Sensors  suitable for use in various sensing applications. Depending on the application requirements, the Sensors can be installed in any one of four locations.

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