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ASI DataMyte, the world leader in total quality solutions for manufacturing, announces the introduction of DataMetrics data collection software. DataMetrics, a high-technology, real-time SPC data collection program with a full suite of supporting applications, is designed to be the most advanced quality software solution on the market.

Spot-On Benefits
DataMetrics, an outgrowth of ASI DataMyte’s commitment to its customers, is a result of the company’s concerted practice of soliciting input from quality managers and users with respect to the problem solving functionality they require.  Inserting front line intelligence and extensive market research into the rigorous, expert-backed ASI DataMyte R&D effort has produced a solution that meets users’ needs head on.  Data Metrics provides:

•    Real-time connectivity that lets you use your existing gaging and related software programs to minimize your investment in new equipment, software and training.
•    A comprehensive database audit log that is compatible with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 to provide compliance for regulated industries.
•    Net weight control and lot analysis to provide control and tracking of overweights for increased cost savings for food and process applications.
•    Real-time event monitoring and notification to ensure that those who need to know about production issues are aware of problems when they occur.


DataMetrics Software – 2

•    Powerful reporting and analysis tools that lets you create reports quickly and easily with minimal training, plus an optional report scheduling feature that ensures reports are delivered on time, every time.
•    A local database cache to keep your business running even when your database connection is down.
•    Unparalleled service from ASI DataMyte’s worldwide network of sales offices and distributors to provide technical support and field service when you need it.

DataMetrics is based on a robust architecture that incorporates database configuration tools, a setup editor, enhanced data collection, reporting and analysis, event monitoring and administrative utilities. DataMetrics’ database is fully interoperable with Microsoft
SQL, SQL Server Express, Oracle and Sybase.

The completely new design of the DataMetrics database includes enhanced organizational capabilities that support both part-based and process-based data collection. This scalable, flexible and powerful design integrates the best features of ASI DataMyte’s proven Applied Stats and Quantum SPC software products to provide common client applications.

Smooth Integration for Existing Users
DataMetrics is available in two data collection modules: DC Advanced, for existing ASI DataMyte Applied Stats users, and DC Pro, for existing ASI DataMyte Quantum users. DataMetrics also integrates software and hardware solutions, working with all existing ASI DataMyte data collectors to provide multiple solutions for your data collection needs.  A full suite of utility applications is included to support database management, connectivity to portable data collectors and other accessory functions.

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