Data, Network, and Bus Tech


The market for automation is growing and with it the networking of production structures. In the future, communication will not only take place from desk to machine; the increasingly digital networking will make possible the automated exchange of information from machine to machine. Networking production via the internet makes it possible to globalize value-added chains, with production that independently responds to unplanned events.


The challenge to transmit ever higher quantities of data faster and faster is also present in other areas of life. Municipalities face the challenge of expanding their broadband infrastructure and providing a reliable supply, even in rural areas. High-performance broadband networks are a prerequisite for economic growth and have now become relevant for many applications and areas of day-to-day life.


The challenges are quite diverse, but just as diverse are the solutions offered in the 12th edition of this catalog. New additions to the product range include Ethernet cables with 600V or 1000V UL rating, Ethernet cables for torsional applications and use in robots, as well as an extensive portfolio of industrial Ethernet patch cables with RJ45 and M12 (D- and X-coded) molded connectors in categories 5e and 6A.


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