DataLynx - Remote Modem Data Collection Software


DataLynx data collection software is an inexpensive data logging and storage package for programmable logic controllers (PLCs) using a PC. Any PLC or other device that supports MODBUS, along with a modem connection, works well with DataLynx. This data logging software package is an ideal solution for collecting data from remote locations or relaying data from multiple locations back to a single location to be stored.

DataLynx polls remote MODBUS-enabled devices over standard phone lines using off-the-shelf modems. The DataLynx Server runs as a service and collects and stores your data into comma or tab-delimited file formats. DataLynx can also be configured to automatically archive data files into a .zip file every month or year and delete the files as well.

DataLynx Data Logging Software Benefits

  • Easy setup, no programming necessary
  • No SCADA system required
  • Collect data from remote locations
  • Stores unlimited amounts of data
  • Monitors unlimited number of PLCs or MODBUS devices
  • Allows you to troubleshoot instantly

DataLynx Applications

  • Log important data from remote processes using a standard phone line where Ethernet connections are unavailable.
  • Monitor process data in other states and cities for trending history.
  • Collect process history from machines in multiple locations for preventive maintenance and historical usage.

FAQ: How do I use the DataLynx Data Logging software?
DataLynx software is easy to install and use. No additional programming by the user is necessary. Simply install the DataLynx data logging software on a PC or file server and configure the remote MODBUS-enabled device phone number and memory address.

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