Davis Instruments presents Advanced Modular Calibration Systems from GE Sensing®


Vernon Hills, Ill., November 3, 2008—Davis Instruments is proud to introduce new
DPI 620 Multifunction Calibrators from GE Sensing. These GE Sensing advanced modular calibration systems provide power and precision in a robust, portable design.

The DPI 620 Multifunction Calibrators bring flexibility to the fold, able to simultaneously measure and source mA, mV, V, ohms, frequency, and a variety of RTDs and thermocouples. Built-in HART® configurator provides setup and calibration adjustment of HART devices for digital communication. Each calibrator is capable of measuring pressures from 0.35 to 15,000 psi.

Easy-to-use video-quality touch screen provides a bright, crystal-clear display which can be operated by a gloved hand. Built with strong casing, weatherproof to IP65, these calibrators are able to withstand tough conditions on the production floor or out in the field.

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