DC-DC Converter


ICQ Series of dc-dc converter modules begins with a 250-w quarter-brick converter. These highly efficient converters, typically 92%, are believed to be the only power modules on the market to offer 250 w of outuput power from a quarter-brick format with a 4:1 (9 to 36 v dc) Vin range. Series is designed for rough service/industrial applications and incorporates features such as a specially designed enclosed package that uses baseplate cooling to improve thermal performance.

Electrical and mechanical design allows the ICQ Series to deliver the full 225 w output power with a baseplate temperature in the range of –40 to 90°C without derating.


All models come with:

  • positive logic remote on/off control as the standard configuration
  • input transient protection to 50 v dc
  • over-temp shutdown
  • output over current
  • input under voltage lockout
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