DC MTA Software Release


Baker Instrument Company, an SKF Group Company has released the newest software for testing DC machinery. Obtain comprehensive data with the newest Baker software. This software has been developed by Baker engineers to record, store, print, analyze and trend results exclusively for DC machines. It provides testing capabilities for armatures, field coils and interpoles. Whether in the shop or the field, acquire, store, and calculate data - quickly and efficiently.

DC testing
Perform Meg-Ohm, Polarization Index, and DC High Potential (HiPot) tests. Resistance, AC/DC drop test readings among other tests can be entered from other external sources, temperature corrected and turned into valuable information about the DC machine.

Surge testing
Users of DC MTA can collect real time surge data on armatures, field coils and interpoles. The armature surge test has an auto index feature that allows every surge test to be recorded.

Database functionality
Microsoft Access©, Sequel Server, or Sequel Server Plus databases collect, store, recall and manage test results. With multiple database capabilities, you can organize your test data according to operational needs. For example: motor shops may have individual databases dedicated to each customer, whereas, a predictive/preventative maintenance program may use individual databases for each section of the plant.

Data analysis/report generation
DC MTA can generate summary reports to document the condition of a DC motor and analyze data. A graphical display of test results allow for quick interpretation, ensuring proper diagnosis of potential issues. View either on screen or printed hard copy:

Armature polar plot
L-L bar chart analysis
Testing summary and nameplate data
DC tests, Surge and Resistance results
Motor application data including any technician’s memos

System requirements
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP - recommende
Microsoft Vista - supported
1.37 or newer firmware on tester

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