Decentralized Drive Solutions


The AMKASMART portfolio is designed for automation machine builders and automation processes to provide compact, integrated solutions that save money, time and can easily integrate into existing systems. The portfolio includes ihXT servo motors, iSA motion control, iC and iX decentralized servo converters.


The ihXT servo motors are ideal as decentralized auxiliary drives in applications such as format adjustment, material feed, cross-cutting, or gantry drives. The extremely compact design integrates the inverter and has an innovative cabling concept which can save up to 90 percent in cabling costs.


The iSA motion controller is ideal for modular machine builds or as a standalone motion controller. It integrates easily into existing systems and does not require a control cabinet, saving installation time and investment in cable pulling, in addition to cabinet enclosure costs.


The iC and iX decentralized servo converters save space, time and effort, enabling compact machine design without the need for a control cabinet. Available with or without integrated incoming power supply simplifies wiring and installation reducing costs and time to production.


The portfolio is ideal for applications including tubular bag packaging; blister packaging; carton forming; palletizing; pick and place; cross-cutting; labeling; wrapping; strapping; filming; insertion; order picking; sealing plastics; printing; paper processing; textiles; food and beverage; machine tooling and more.

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