Deep Hole Drilling and Mold Machines


For industry-leading mold manufacturers who are looking to re-define moldmaking from design to production, the USC-M series brings unmatched capabilities in a single, game-changing machine.


Combining deep hole drilling and machining processes on a powerful, 7-axis machine allows manufacturers to change the way they produce molds from the ground up.


USC-M deep hole drilling and machining centers radically change the mold making process by combining gundrilling, BTA drilling, and up to 120 tools in a single, guarded machine, with a heavy-duty rotating table and tilting A-axis, for increased accuracy in production, and significantly increased mold throughput.


Rated gundrill diameter50 mm50 mm
BTA Drilling Diameter38 mm50 mm
Drill Depth1500 mm1830 mm
Drilling Spindle Power15 kW22 kW
Machining Spindle NoseSK50/CAT 50SK50/CAT 50
Machining Spindle Power20/25 kW24/30 kW
Automatic Tool
Changer Option
24 – 120 position24 – 120 position
Z-Axis Travel1,000 mm1,524 mm
X-Axis Travel2,200 mm3,050 mm
Y-Axis Travel1,700 mm1,830 mm
W-Axis Travel1,830 mm2,440 mm
U-Axis Travel500 mm500 mm
A-Axis Travel+30-deg., -15-deg.+30deg., -15-deg.
B-Axis Increments360,000 positions360,000 positions
Table Top Dimensions1,000 x 1,200 mm1,250 x 1,600 mm
Table Weight Capacity15 t23 t
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