Delivers Exceptional TIG & Stick Welding Performance


Dynasty 400 (shown) and Maxstar 400 welders deliver up to 400 amp of output power and exceptional TIG and stick welding performance for applications such as pipe and tube fabrication, precision fabrication, and exotic material fabrication.


Each stand-alone power source also includes the Cooler-On-Demand feature, which operates the auxiliary cooling system only when needed, resulting in reduced noise, energy use and airborne contaminants pulled through the cooler. In addition, the added Pro-Set feature eliminates guesswork when setting weld parameters, so the machine is faster to set up and easier to use.


Designed for fast and easy upgrade flexibility, the new models include a front-panel memory card data port, for the download of software updates.


Features & specifications:

  • Dynasty 400 power source is ac/dc TIG-stick-capable and welds up to 5/8-in. thick aluminum and steel in a single pass.
  • Dc TIG-stick-capable Maxstar 400 welds up to 5/8-in. thick steel in a single pass
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