Dell OptiPlex XE PC


Dell™ industrial PCs are made for challenging environments and can be customized to include your special hardware or software without adding extra touches to your process. Many of our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers told us that they wanted to use the Dell global support infrastructure and global supply chain. But to do so, those customers needed a product that could replace an expensive industrial PC.

The OptiPlex™ XE is designed for customers who require a PC that can stand up to hot, wet, dusty environments, and that comes with a longer life cycle. The OptiPlex XE features:

  • 24x7 uptime with improved motherboard components
  • 3-year purchase life and an optional 5-year limited warranty
  • Component-level stability to reduce requalification
  • Easy to remove and clean air filtration system for dusty environments
  • Additional heat sink for enhanced cooling in hot environments
  • Flexible ducting, vapor and mounting options that eliminate costly post-factory customization
  • Standards-based remote management to reduce service calls 


  • stands up to hot, wet, dusty environments
  • component-level stability

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