DensitySort Air Table Brochure


The Eriez® DensitySort® Air Table brochure explains that this revolutionary unit uses air, vibration and slope to separate heavies from lights, enabling processors to recover up to 70 percent of their red metals from nonferrous fines. The literature is offered for immediate download from the company’s website and also available, by request, in hard copy format.

According to the brochure, DensitySort sorts nonferrous fines into two fractions: Twitch (light fraction) and Zebra (heavy fraction). Nonferrous fines from automobile shredders typically contain eight to 12 percent red metals. By further separating these metals, users can increase their fines' value by more than 20 percent. The four-page piece includes an array of product drawings and application photos. It includes complete specifications, describes the equipment in operation and highlights its many features and benefits. Optional accessories are also highlighted.

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